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Horsemanship Clinic

Stephen Graycheck 
Renowned Expert Horseman
is coming to PPE for our Partnership Weekend

JULY 17 & 18

Partnership Weekend

For the horseman, there is no greater or more rewarding time spent

than time spent focused on getting to know and gaining insight into your partner, your horse.

Whether you ride English, Western or just for pleasure, 

understanding the principals of communicating with your horse in his/her language is paramount

to developing a sound, loving and respectful relationship in which

you and your horse can trust and thrive together.

No matter your level, there is always work to be done

to nurture and strengthen your relationship, expand upon your knowledge

and deepen your awareness.

Join Circle G for our Partnership Weekend with Stephen GraycheckJuly 17 & 18.

Dial-in to your timing, balance, rhythm, feel, and consistency.

Get to know your horse in a new light.

Learn from an expert about asking and getting, versus unanswered expectations.

If you are even a little bit unaware, unsure, confused, inconsistent or doubtful,

then your horse will be similarly unaware, unsure, confused, inconsistent and/or doubting.

Become certain.

Being correct and consistent is key to building a solid foundation.

Foundation is what your relationship is built on and what it will rely upon for success.

PPE's Partnership Weekend is about assessing, tapping-into and strengthening

your relationship's foundation so you and your horse continue to grow together and flourish.

Partnership Sessions with Stephen are one hour long for individuals or groups up to 4 riders.

Sessions will run in the morning and afternoon, July 17 & 18.

Stephen will be tailoring each session situationally for rider(s) and horse(s),

based on assessment, need and desired outcomes. 

Riders can take more than one session, as well as take a private and a group.

For riders who don't want to trailer-in or bring a horse,

auditors will be allowed to attend (fence-sit) at group sessions.


All participants must pre-register to hold a spot. Spots are limited.

Group sessions are $100 per rider, max 4. Private individual sessions are $200 per hour.

Auditors are welcome to fence-sit / spectate at group sessions for $25 per session.

Riders can trailer-in their horse(s) for overnight stay.*


Circle G has 12 rentable stalls, $75 per stall for the weekend, includes 2 bags of fresh shavings.

Circle G has plenty of paddock area as well, no charge or fee for turn-out during the clinic weekend.

Circle G has 12 rentable RV site hook-ups, $50 for the weekend.

Whether you are staying overnight on our grounds or not,

please plan to join Circle G and Stephen Graycheck

for some Fire Pit Fun and BBQ Saturday evening, July 17.

$25 per person (includes dinner and non-alcoholic drinks).

*IMPORTANT: All horses MUST have proof of Coggins, Rabies and recent (within last 6 months) Flu-Rhino vaccine before being allowed on Circle G grounds. Thank you.

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